Breakfast for Mom

Cook up to seven eggs, exactly the way you like them.

4 delicious, homemade waffles — in under 3 minutes.

Boil water faster than a microwave or stove with this cordless, electric beauty.

Sharp Mom

Sharpen your Asian style knives and Euro/American style knives on one sleek, fast, easy-to-use manual sharpener.

The world’s most versatile sharpener puts a razor sharp edge on Euro/American and Asian style knives.

Electric and manual stages sharpen Euro/American and Asian style knives using 100% diamond abrasives.

Chef Mom

Slice foods from deli thin to 3/4″ with this elegantly styled electric food slicer, engineered for power, efficiency and smooth operation.

Make sweet or savory holiday mini-pies in just minutes.

Grinds up to 3.5 pounds of meat per minute with this commercial quality powerhouse.