Chef's Choice Affiliate Program

Share your passion and earn income. The Chef's Choice Affiliate Program is a rewarding opportunity that means earning income while making culinary experiences as enjoyable as possible from start to finish with the help of Chef's Choice. All around, a more fulfilling lifestyle. It’s the enthusiasm about helping others identify a wide array of premier products for all cooking needs.

Becoming an affiliate will reward you in ways you never thought possible – personally and financially. You’ll expand your world as you share the message about Chef's Choice.

In joining the program you’ll earn commissions by including purchase links in your content – content you are most likely already creating or have been thinking about! 

Please review the Affiliate Program Requirements before completing the online application:

  • I am not a current employee or sales rep/demonstrator for Chef's Choice.
  • I will commit to at least four Chef's Choice machine sales annually.
  • I have a working website/blog centered on cutlery, culinary, outdoor, food prep, cooking and/or related topic.
  • I am not seeking to be an online retailer of Chef's Choice or solely focused on selling appliances online.

If you meet the above criteria, please apply here and Chef's Choice will review. Once approved you will be set up with a login and password.

Be a part of Chef's Choice, a brand that’s been around for over 50 years and focused on a healthier, happier community. How great is that? Join us!