• Chef'sChoice® Diamond Hone® Manual Scissors Sharpener Model 490

Chef’sChoice® Diamond Hone® Manual Scissors Sharpener Model 490


This versatile scissors sharpener is safe for quality household, sewing and craft scissors:

  • Sharpens both conventional and knife-edge scissors
  • Fast, easy to use, no guesswork
  • 100% diamond abrasives
  • Precision guides
  • For right-handed or left-handed scissors
  • 2-Stage manual sharpening system

Product Features Shown In Red:
See “Edge Type” for sharpener capabilities and “Knife Guide” for recommended knives.

Edge Guide
15 Degree Edge
20 Degree Edge
15 and 20 Degrees
Steeled Edge
Knife Guide
Chef's Knives
Santoku Knives
Bread Knives
Hunting Knives
Fillet Knives
Pocket Knives
Ceramic Knives


Scissors sharpener for household, kitchen, game shears and general purpose scissors can now be incredibly sharp with the  Chef’sChoice® Diamond Hone® Scissors Sharpener 490. Safe for quality scissors, it sharpens quickly and easily. It can be used for left or right handed scissors.

Convenient:  The Model 490 eliminates the need to replace dull scissors or send them out for sharpening, a costly process that wastes valuable time and may run the risk of damaging scissors.

The Benefits:  It uses 100 percent diamond abrasives that gently polish the blade to razor sharpness. The precision angle guides are designed to hold blades at a precise, predetermined sharpening angle, eliminating all guesswork. Guides provided for both conventional and knife-edge scissors insure professional sharpness everytime.

How It Works:  The 2-Stage sharpening process using interchangeable sharpening pads (coarse and fine) made of 100% diamond abrasives and three interchangeable angle guides.  The coarse pad is used in the first stage to recondition very dull or damaged scissor blades. This prepares the blade for the second stage, where a fine diamond abrasive hones the blade to incredible sharpness.

Most scissors can be sharpened using just the second stage, but extremely dull or damaged edges are best reconditioned in the first stage and then honed in stage two. A magnetic hold down allows user to quickly interchange abrasive pads as well as keep them in place during use.

Versatile:  The honing diamond pad also features a groove that can be used for sharpening pointed tools such as ice

picks and awls. The model includes a convenient storage hatch for small items such as sewing pins, tacks, tape measures, and more.  Engineered and assembled in the U.S.

Design Overview:
Finish: Black
Number of Sharpening Stages: 2
Abrasive: 100% diamond abrasives
Sharpens both fine edge and serrated knives: Fine edge only
Scissors: Yes, Not Recommended for Hair Styling Shears
Product Weight & Dimensions:
Weight: 0.17 lb
Length: 5.88 inches
Width: 2.38 inches
Height: 1.25 inches
Warranty: 1 year
Includes: Instruction manual
Origin: U.S.

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