Egg Cooker

Chef’sChoice® International® Gourmet Egg Cooker Model 810


Serve Up Perfect Eggs in Just Minutes With Chef’sChoice® Sleek,  Brushed Stainless Steel Egg Cooker:

  • Prepare up to 7 eggs, exactly the way you like them
  • Eggs, in the same batch, can be combined to cook some as soft, others medium or hard boiled
  • Convenient egg tray, can be lifted with one hand for rinsing under cold water or carrying to table
  • Reliable, electronic timer with audible “Ready”signal
  • Elegant, brushed stainless steel design
  • Easy to clean, non-stick coated water reservoir
  • Water reservoir ample for multiple cooking cycles
  • Includes unique 3 position egg poaching dish


Cook your eggs to perfection with theChef’sChoice® Gourmet Egg Cooker Model 810, an elegant stainless steel “must-have” kitchen accessory that quickly cooks up to seven eggs, exactly the way you like them.

Because of its precision electronic timer,  users can reliably cook eggs to varying degrees of “doneness” in the same batch. Eggs can be combined to cook some as soft, others medium or hard-boiled, each cooked to perfection; great for entertaining and catering to individual preferences. This novel cooking unit comes with an elliptical three egg poaching tray (designed in tribute to Julia Child’s preferred style of poaching eggs*), and delicious recipes.

No more worries about undercooked, or overcooked eggs. With the Chef’sChoice® International® Gourmet Egg Cooker you can create your favorite egg dishes or enhance recipes with perfectly cooked eggs. By precisely timing the cooking time, the Model 810 completely eliminates the need to carefully measure the amount of water used; a major disadvantage of most other electric egg cookers. Simply fill to water reservoir line for perfectly cooked eggs.

Unlike most other brands, the Model 810 allows users to cook eggs repeatedly without delays between cycles as long as there is water in the reservoir.

The unit has a lighted, on/off switch and an electronic timer with audible “ready” signal to alert you when the eggs are done. There is no need to touch hot eggs; the Model 810’s convenient egg tray lifts out with one hand for rinsing under cold water or carrying to the table. The elegant brushed stainless steel design is easy to clean—the non-stick coated water reservoir makes clean up a breeze. The lid and egg holder are both dishwasher safe.

*As mentioned in “The Way To Cook” by Julia Child.

Product Weight & Dimensions:
Weight: 2.02 lb
Length: 8 inches
Width: 7 inches
Height: 7-1/8 inches
Warranty: 1 year
Includes: Egg poaching tray, egg boiling tray, instruction manual
Origin: Import
 UL or ETL and Canadian Approved ETL/approved for Canada
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