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Chef’sChoice® International™ SmartKettle® Cordless Electric Kettle Model 688


The heat is on and at a perfect temperature with Chef’sChoice®’s new electric SmartKettle®:

  • Electronic controls for water at the precise temperature you desire (+/- 2°F)
  • Water heats directly to set temperature (no need to wait for full boil and then cool down to desired temperature)
  • Ideal kettle for all temperature sensitive teas including green and white teas
  • “Keep Warm” feature:  Kettle automatically maintains water at the set temperature
  • SmartKettle® remembers last temperature setting
  • Electronic detection of boiling point at all altitudes
  • Can set for rolling boil
  • Automatically shuts off when water boils
  • “Low Water Level” warning light
  • Electronic triple action boil-dry safety shutoff protection
  • Concealed heating element covered by stainless steel
  • Cordless kettle lifts from corded base for easy filling, pouring and serving
  • Cool touch bottom
  • Large capacity:  1 3/4 quarts (1.7 liters)


The Chef’sChoic® SmartKettle® Model 688, tis a must have kitchen appliance that boils water at the precise temperature desired…perfect for serving up temperature sensitive teas including herbal, white, green, black, oolong, and rooibos.

Versatile:  In just minutes, it will heat water faster than a microwave or stove top to make not only tea, but instant coffee, hot chocolate, hot cereals, instant soup, jello, pasta and blanch vegetables at the perfect water temperature.

Design:  The Model 688 SmartKettle® will enhance your counter top or become the pride of your pantry with its stainless steel elegance and classic design complimented by a plastic base and easy hold plastic handle.

Precise Temperature Control:  It features advanced electronic controls that provide water precisely at the desired temperature with a 1˚F accuracy. There is no need to wait for a full boil and then cool down to a desired temperature because the water heats directly to the set temperature.

“Keep It Warm” and Boiling Point Detection:  The unit’s “Keep Warm” feature automatically maintains water at set temperature and remembers last programmed setting for easy to use convenience. Its unique patented electronic temperature controls will respond to and properly detect the water’s boiling point, regardless of altitude.

The Chef’sChoice® SmartKettle® is an ideal companion for homeowners, families, tea lovers, travelers and college students.

For information on finding the right tea temperature our “Tea Temperature Tips.” 

Design Overview:
Construction: Stainless steel
Cordless: Yes
Concealed Heating Element: Yes
Automatic Shutoff: Yes
Boil-dry Protection: Yes
Cool Touch Bottom: Yes
Water Level Gauge: Yes
Single Hand Lid Opening: Yes
Cord Storage: Yes
Wattage: 1500/ETL approved
Capacity: 1-3/4 quarts
Product Weight & Dimensions:
Weight: 2.87 lb
Length: 9-1/2 inches
Width: 7-1/2 inches
Height: 10-1/4 inches
Warranty: 1 year
Includes: Instruction manual
Origin: Import