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120 320 440 460 video transcript

Whether in the kitchen or outdoors, there is nothing more frustrating than a dull knife. Now, there’s an easy way to keep all of your knives astonishingly sharp. With the world’s most advanced sharpener, you can have better-than-factory sharp edges on all your knives; hunting and fishing knives, pocket knives, kitchen and household knives, even cleavers.

With the Chef’sChoice Model 120 knife sharpener you can sharpener in seconds, both straight edge and serrated blades. Chef’sChoice makes it easy with the simple 3-Stage patented process, resulting in the ultra-sharp, long-lasting Trizor-plus edge.

In Stage 1, 100% diamond-coated abrasive disks create the first bevel. Insert the knife as close as possible to the bolster or handle. As soon as you feel the diamond abrasives making contact with the knife edge, gently pull the blade toward you. No need to apply too much pressure and no guesswork about the correct angle. The patented flex guide springs will grip your blade at just the right angle. Always alternate between the left and right slots in each stage. Pull the blade slowly and smoothly. Take about three seconds for a six inch blade, more for a longer blade and less for a shorter blade. One or two alternating pairs of pulls is all it takes to form the first bevel of the triple bevel Trizor-Plus edge and form a burr you can feel along the entire edge of the blade, from handle to tip.

In Stage 2, finer 100% diamond abrasives hone the edge to create the second bevel. Again, one or two pairs of alternating pulls is all it takes to form the second bevel of the Trizor-Plus edge. Again, a burr should be present along the entire edge of the blade. When you feel the burr, you’re ready for Stage 3, the stropping, polishing stage.

Stage 3 is where the patented, flexible disks, using ultra-fine abrasives polish and strop. About three pairs of alternating pulls in this last stage will complete the sharpening and develop the third bevel in the Trizor-Plus edge and an astonishingly sharp edge.

Once you have sharpened you knife through all three stages, you can maintain your edge for weeks or months by simply passing it through a few times in Stage 3.

There’s no need to use a steel or a stone any more.

Stage 3 is also used for sharpening serrated knives.

With the Chef’sChoice Model 120 Diamond Hone sharpener, you’ll be able to put an astonishingly sharp, durable Trizor edge on all your knives.

Long blades. Short blades. Sports knives. All those tough cutting jobs are a breeze.

And for those special occasions, your food looks more delicious. It’s a pleasure to use a sharp knife from the world’s best sharpeners, Chef’sChoice.

Here are some other great sharpeners from our factory in Avondale, Pennsylvania.

The Chef’sChoice Model 320 is the world’s best two-stage electric sharpener. It sharpens both straight edge and serrated knives. Using the same advanced technology as the Model 120 but in a more compact size.

The world’s best manual sharpener, the Model 460 uses 100% diamond abrasives and precision guides to sharpen both straight edge and serrated knives at home or in the field.

And for all your straight edge knives, the Chef’sChoice Model 440 offers 100% diamond abrasives and precision guides for a super sharp, durable edge, quickly and easily.

There’s a Chef’sChoice sharpener for every need and every budget.

For astonishingly sharp knives, millions worldwide trust their knives to Chef’sChoice sharpeners. Recognized by experts as the world’s best sharpeners.

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