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Chef’sChoice® EdgeSelect® Diamond Hone® Model 120 How-To Video:

The Model 120 delivers fast and foolproof results! Keep your knives super sharp with this easy to use electric sharpener. The Model 120 applies the optimal edge to both straight edge and serrated knives. Food prep is safer and more enjoyable with a sharp knife!

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120 video transcript

Chef’sChoice, the most trusted name in sharpeners.

The Chef’sChoice Model 120 EdgeSelect is the premiere professional sharpener and is ideal for all quality kitchen and household knives, as well as, sports and pocket knives, even cleavers.

With the Chef’sChoice 120 you can sharpen in just seconds both straight edge and serrated blades. The precision knife guides make it easy. A simple 3-stage process provides an ultra-sharp, long-lasting Trizor-plus edge. It’s a gothic-arch shaped edge that is stronger and last longer than conventional hollow ground or “v”-shaped edges.

In Stage 1, 100% diamond coated abrasive disks create the first bevel. Insert the knife as close as possible to the bolster or handle, as soon as you feel the diamond abrasives make contact with the knife edge, gently pull the blade toward you. The precision guides will grip your blade at just the right angle. Alternate between the left and right slots of each stage. Pull the blade slowly and smoothly. One or two alternating pairs of pulls are all it usually takes to form the first bevel.

Once you form a burr along the entire ridge of the blade, you’re ready to move to Stage 2, where finer diamond disks apply the second bevel. Repeat the process and then you’re ready to move to Stage 3, the stropping and polishing stage.

Stage 3 is where the flexible disks use ultra-fine abrasives to polish and strop the edge. About three or four alternating pairs of pulls through this stage will form the third bevel and finish the razor-sharp Trizor sharp edge.

The edge is now so sharp it makes cutting a breeze.

Stage 3 is also used to sharpen serrated knives. Generally, five to ten alternating pairs of pulls will align, straighten and sharpen the teeth of the serrations for effortless cutting. With the Chef’sChoice 120 Diamond Hone Sharpener you’ll be able to easily apply a razor-sharp, durable Trizor edge on all your knives.

It’s the perfect solution for effortless, enjoy and safe food preparation. Enjoy incredibly sharp knives with this professional sharpener.

Chef’sChoice, it’s the brand you can trust for all your sharpening needs.