Learn how to sharpen both Asian and Euro/American style 15 and 20 degree edge knives with this versatile and easy to use electric sharpener. Chopping, slicing and dicing is so much easier with a sharp knife!

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1520 video transcript

Chef’sChoice, the most trusted name in sharpeners.

The Chef’sChoice AngleSelect Model 1520 is the world’s most versatile sharpener providing better than factory edges for all of your Asian style, American, European and sports knives.

It sharpens both 15 degree edges for Asian style knives and 20 degree edges for standard European/American style knives in one versatile sharpener.

Using precision knife guides and 100% diamond abrasives, the 1520 creates an incredibly sharp, long-lasting arch-shaped edge that is stronger and more durable than conventional hollow ground or “v”-shaped edges.

The typical Asian knife edge is formed at a 15 degree angle that is perceived as sharper than a conventional 20 degree edge but is also more fragile due to the thinner edge geometry.

The Model 1520 improves the 15 degree edge by creating a better-than-factory, longer-lasting arched-shaped 15 degree edge.

Just insert your double-sided Asian style knife into Stage 1. The precision guides will grip your blade at the optimum sharpening angle. Pull blade slowly and smoothly. One or two alternating pairs of pulls in Stage 1 are all it takes for the diamond abrasives to form the first bevel.

Once you form a burr along the entire edge, proceed to Stage 3 where ultra-fine abrasives polish and strop the edge. Three to four alternating pulls will develop the second bevel and perfect the flawless, razor-sharp 15 degree edge that effortlessly cuts through food.

The 1520 also sharpens traditional single-sided Asian style knives by using only one side of Stage 1, followed by polishing in Stage 3.

In addition to Asian style knives, this versatile sharpener will create an incredibly sharp, durable 20 degree arch-shaped edge on standard European/American style knives. Follow the same process but this time start in Stage 2, followed by Stage 3.

One or two pairs of pulls in Stage 2 are all it takes to form the first bevel. Once the burr is formed along the entire edge, proceed to Stage 3, where fine abrasives apply the second bevel, stropping and polishing to a flawless super-sharp 20 degree edge that easily glides through foods.

Stage 3 also sharpens, straightens and realigns the teeth of serrated knives for effortless cutting.

With the versatile 1520 AngleSelect sharpener you’ll be able to easily apply an incredibly sharp, durable edge on all your knives, from Asian to European/American style, from sports knives and pocket knives to serrated edges.

Chef’sChoice, it’s the brand you can trust for all your sharpening needs.