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Commercial EdgeSelect® Diamond Hone® Knife Sharpener Model 2100 Video

Fast and Easy! The NSF-certified Model 2100 is engineered for heavy-duty commercial kitchen use in restaurants, hotels, food service establishments, clubs and grocery chains. It’s the money-saving alternative to the knife sharpening service … and it shows up to work every day! Watch the video to find out more about this efficient, cost-effective and safety conscious system of cutlery maintenance.

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2100 video transcript

Chef’sChoice the brand you can trust for all your sharpening needs.

The Chef’sChoice Commercial 2100 Electric Knife Sharpener is the sharpening service that shows up every day. It’s the perfect solution for today’s fast-paced commercial kitchens seeking an efficient and cost-effective way to safely maintain their knives. The Model 2100 will quickly put a razor-sharp edge on fine edge and serrated knives, eliminating the need for infrequent and costly sharpening services.

Its easy to use with precision guides and 100% diamond abrasives and it applies the sharpest and longest-lasting edges in just seconds with no guess work. Using three stages with coarser to finer abrasives: Stage 1 is coarse, Stage 2 a medium abrasive and Stage 3 an ultra-fine abrasive and precise edge control. The Model 2100 applies a stronger, arch-shaped edge. Its more durable than conventional “v”-shaped edges that quickly fold over.

With the Chef’sChoice 2100 you’ll have professional sharpened knives everyday. Sharp knives are key ingredients to a successful and safe kitchen. Sharp knives increase productivity, making food prep easier and they’re safer to use, helping to avoid knife slippage and injury.

Its so easy, anyone could you use the Model 2100. Start with a clean knife in Stage 1, slowly move the knife through the precision guide, moving from bolster to tip against the diamond abrasives. In each stage, make an equal number of pairs of pulls, alternating slots. Depending on the dullness of your knife, this process should be repeated at least two times.

Next, move to Stage 2, which uses finer diamond abrasives and repeat the alternating strokes at least two times.

Now for Stage 3, the finishing stage. Stage 3 uses an ultra-fine, flexible abrasive to strop and polish the edge and create the final bevel. In Stage 3, do three alternating pairs of pulls. Your knife will be razor sharp and easily slice through foods. Test knife sharpness by cutting through tomatoes or paper. If not sharp enough, repeat the process.

Stage 3 is also used for sharpening serrated knives, with just a few alternating strokes slicing bread is a breeze.

The sharpening module is easily removed and can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand.

The 15 degree edge sharpening module and the sharpening module for ceramic knives are also available and sold separately.

The Model 2100 is quick, reliable and versatile and with its interchangeable sharpening modules it will sharpen virtually all knives, including household, sporting, commercial and even ceramic knives.

For kitchens that seek a manual sharpener for each work station or additional commercial sharpeners visit Chef’sChoice at chefschoice.com.