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Sportsman Diamond Hone® Knife Sharpener Xtreme™ 317

Watch how easy it is to apply hairsplitting sharp edges on all your knives, including heavier, thicker hunting, pocket and tactical knives! The ruggedly built Chef’sChoice® Sportsman Diamond Hone® Knife Sharpener Xtreme™ 317 is the ideal sharpening solution and was developed specifically with the outdoor enthusiast in mind!

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317 video transcript

Take your game from the field to the table with an advanced knife sharpener as exciting as the sports you love.

The Chef’sChoice Sportsman Xtreme 317 is sports tough and household ready. It will put a razor sharp edge on virtually all of your sporting knives, including heavier, thicker hunting, pocket, household and tactical knives. In seconds using two sharpening stages, it will apply a flawless ultra-sharp double-bevel edge that is also stronger and more durable than conventional edges. Outdoor enthusiasts know that a sharp knife is a necessity for field dressing, skinning, removing bone from grissle, filleting, tactical situations and even wilderness survival.

The Sportsman Xtreme 317 is versatile and features an advanced guide system typically engineered to easily sharpen thicker hunting and tactical knives, as well as thinner fish fillet, kitchen and pocket knives, both straight and serrated and both single and double bevel edges. Stage one uses 100% diamond abrasives for sharpening and honing. Stage two uses advanced flexible stropping disks for a super sharp polished edge.

When sharpening for the first time, start in stage one, pull the knife slowly alternating through the left and right slot. Generally, three to four pairs of alternating pulls should raise a burr. To check for a burr, move your finger carefully over the edge of the blade. Once you have a burr along the entire edge, proceed to stage two. Two to three pairs of alternating pulls in stage 2 is all you will need to apply a hair-splittingly sharp arch-shaped edge that is more durable and will last longer than conventional edges. Stage two is also used for resharpening and for sharpening serrated edges.

The Chef’sChoice Sportsman Xtreme 317 is versatile, sports tough and household ready. It’s the gear you need to keep knives razor sharp for your next outdoor adventure, special mission, household project or culinary adventure. Designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A. For other field to table gear, visit chefschoice.com.