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Diamond Hone® Marine Sharpening Station™ Model 710

Saltwater tough, water resistant knife sharpener has an IPX-4 rating, and is specifically engineered for the outdoor enthusiast! Applies razor sharp edges to fishing and hunting knives. Comes with scissor and hook sharpener. Cleanable with low pressure hose spray. Operates on 120 volts AC or 12 Volts DC.

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710 video transcript

Chef’sChoice, the brand anglers can trust for all their sharpening needs.

Chef’sChoice Marine Sharpening Station 710 includes three professional sharpeners in one compact, water resistant unit.

A two-stage knife sharpener, with 100% diamond abrasives and precision angle guides, that creates long-lasting and razor-sharp edges. A line-cutter scissor sharpener that allows you to quickly and efficiently sharpen your scissors, and a battery-operated fishhook sharpener, with three interchangeable tips, store neatly in the sharpeners base.

The Marine Sharpening Station 710 also features suction cups for a secure grip and with two power adapters included, you could sharpener your gear at home or on the go.

Clean-up is easy, just rinse with a fresh water hose and your done.

If you want your fishing, sports and household knives this sharp, the Chef’sChoice Marine Sharpening Station 710 is the ideal choice.

Chef’sChoice, the brand you can trust for all your sharpening needs.