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  • Chef'sChoice® International™ Classic WafflePro® Model 854, shown openChef'sChoice® International™ Classic WafflePro® Model 854
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Waffles Aren’t Just For Breakfast Anymore!

Savory or sweet, watch now to see how versatile and delicious waffles can be with this advanced technology waffle maker. Features the Chef’sChoice Model 854.

Model 854 video transcript

Waffles! They can be as versatile as your palate and the waffle maker you choose. Enjoy waffles the way you like them with the versatile Chef’sChoice WafflePro Model 854.

Make 4 delicious waffles in less than three minutes. Just select your desired taste and texture. Choose fast bake for crisp exterior and moist interior, select between two and three on the color control dial. Crisp outside and so moist inside.

Choose uniform texture for a slow, deeper bake. Select two on the color control dial. Crunchy, crunchy, crunchy throughout.

Enjoy waffle perfection with our taste/texture select, precise temperature controls and the floating hinged lid to ensure a uniform thickness and consistent, even baking.

Whether its sweet or savory flavors, homemade or quick batters, discover your delights. So sweet or so savory. So versatile and adventurous.