Electric Knife Sharpener - Chef's Choice by EdgeCraft

Electric Knife Sharpener

Award-winning, best in class electric sharpeners. Sharpen your knives in 3 easy steps! World renowned for quality and ease-of-use. Our knife sharpeners are vailable for 15° and 20° edges, serrated and ceramic knives. Our diamond abrasives disks and patented stropping disks offer an unparalleled edge. We also offer best in class manual sharpeners to compliment our electric sharpeners. If you want to make it easier than ever before to achieve a sharp edge, choose what the Chefs choose - Chef's Choice.

Electric Knife Sharpener

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Sharpen your knives in 3 easy steps.

Your knives are the most important tools in your kitchen. You need them to be razor sharp and ready for any challenge you may face. But there’s one problem: it’s hard to keep your knives sharp! Professional chefs sharpen their knives every 2-4 weeks, but if you’re not a professional chef, it can be difficult to know when your knives need attention.
That’s where Chef’sChoice® electric knife sharpeners come in. Our unique 3-stage system makes sharpening your blades a breeze, no matter how often you use them.


Chef'sChoice electric knife sharpeners.

We have a 3-stage electric knife sharpener that will sharpen knives sharper than ever before. They include diamond abrasives for a faster and easier sharpening process, and a patented stropping disks for an unparalleled polished knife edge. With precision angle guides our sharpeners sharpen straight edge knives as well as serrated knives.

Chef'sChoice were chosen as the best by America’s Test Kitchen.

With knife sharpeners from Chef's Choice, you can now find the sharpest edge possible without having to invest hours in hand-sharpening your knives. With Chef's Choice electric sharpeners, you can effortlessly get a 20-degree edge on knives that are typically sharpened at 15 degrees. If you want to make it easier than ever before to achieve a sharp edge and make cooking even more enjoyable than before, then Chef's Choice is the way to go.