Poultry Carving Tips - Chef's Choice by EdgeCraft

Poultry Carving Tips

1. Use a Good, Sharp Knife

A sharp carving knife cuts thinner, more even slices. A razor sharp knife cuts smoothly and won’t shred tender meat. You don’t have to be an expert to put a professional edge on your knife. The new, easy to use Chef’sChoice® knife sharpener with a revolutionary stropping/polishing stage gives you razor sharp edges on both fine edge and serrated blades. All Chef’sChoice® knife sharpener models use 100 percent diamond abrasives to quickly and safely sharpen all quality knives. For recommendations on a sharpener that’s right for you, call EdgeCraft at (800)342-3255.

2. Make a Long, Deep Base Cut

After the turkey is done (meat thermometer should read 180 degrees when inserted into the thickest part of the thigh) cool the roasted turkey for 15 minutes before carving to make the meat firmer and easier to slice. Remove and set aside the turkey legs and the last joint of each wing. Make a long, deep (to the bone) horizontal “base cut” into the breast just above the wing.

3. Slice Down to the Base Cute

Slice down vertically through the breast to the “base cut” to release perfect, even slices. It’s that easy!