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Tea Temperature Tips

A cup of tea can be soothing and relaxing, medicinal, or simply refreshing. There are many types of teas and they vary not only in price and taste, but in proper preparation. Some teas taste wonderful steeped in just-boiled water while other teas such as the delicate green and whites, are more temperature sensitive and offer the best aroma and taste when steeped in lower temperature water. Ideal steeping temperatures vary based on the type of tea. How can a tea-lover prepare the ultimate cup? While each type of tea has its own unique characteristics, the optimal taste and aroma is dependent upon the tea being prepared correctly. Proper preparation includes:

  • the use of a good water supply
  • proper time allowed for steeping
  • the recommended amount of tea
  • most importantly, water temperature during steeping

For your convenience the following table lists the brewing temperature ranges of water commonly preferred by many experts in the preparation of popular teas and coffee:

Beverage Preferred Temperature Range
°F °C
Herbal Tea 203°-212° 95°-100°
White Tea 167°-185° 75°-85°
Green Tea, regular 185°-195° 85°-91°
Green Tea, delicate 155°-168° 68°-75°
Oolong Tea 185°-194° 85°-90°
Black Tea 203°-212° 95°-100°
Ph-Erh 210°-212° 99°-100°
Coffee 185°-196° 85°-91°

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The supplier of your tea will likely recommend an optimum temperature or consider heating enough water so you can preheat your cup with it before you steep your tea. You may wish to heat the water to a temperature slightly above that recommended to compensate for the cooling effect of the cup.

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