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Waffle Recipes for Chef’sChoice WafflePro Waffle Makers

Waffle Basics

Superb waffles begin with a good recipe but depend on a versatile waffle maker to fully develop the flavor, texture and aroma of the batter. A perfect waffle is no accident. It is the combination of a brownish crisp exterior and an interior texture baked the way you like it. Some of us prefer a waffle with a moist interior like freshly baked bread. Such a waffle has the greatest flavor and aroma. Others want a uniformly crunchy waffle, one that is baked slowly with less interior moisture. And some like to bake breakfast waffles that are crisp on the outside and fluffy inside; while others may desire a chocolate dessert waffle that is crunchy throughout and destined to be served with a scoop of ice cream.

Chef’sChoice® manufactures a series of Waffle Makers incorporating the unique Quad® baking system that ensures a waffle baked to order. Select either a fast bake or a deep bake, then, select a color control setting. The color control adjusts for either baking setting to give you a toasty, brown exterior and the interior texture you want.

The Quad® baking system on the Chef’sChoice WafflePro® waffle makers works this way: the “Crisp Exterior/Moist Interior” setting gives you a fast bake while the “Uniform Texture” setting gives a slow deep bake. The Color Control setting coordinates the surface temperature of the waffle and determines its color. To get a crisp exterior with a contrasting steamy aromatic interior, you need a waffle iron with a fast bake. The WafflePro® is unique among all waffle makers in its ability to cook rapidly enough to create this delectable combination.

Waffle Ingredients and Techniques

Sugar in waffle batter enhances the browning of the waffle on the surface where the temperatures are highest. If your diet permits, a small amount of sugar can do wonders for the waffles. Cornmeal in waffle batter adds extra crunch. Only a few tablespoons are needed to add texture. While butter and oil enhance flavor and can increase the darkening of the waffle, too much liquid will actually inhibit surface browning.

The consistency of your batter will affect the end result. A slightly thick batter, one that pours slowly, some say like slow moving lava, works the best. If the batter seems too thin, add more of the dry ingredient and, if too thick, more of the liquid. When making waffle batter, add milk (or other liquid) slowly and blend until the right consistency has been reached. Do not over-mix. Use a pitcher or ladle to pour batter onto the waffle grids or, if you prefer, a liquid measuring cup.

Some recipes may call for separating the eggs, beating the whites separately and folding them into the batter at the end. This step, while not essential, produces a lighter waffle with less uniform texture. Whole eggs may be used instead.

Should you be using a Chef’sChoice WafflePro®, remember to read the accompanying instructions before baking your first waffle. When the green light and beeper signal the waffle is “Ready,” you can briefly lift the lid to check the degree of browning and, if desired, close the lid to bake longer.

Because the WafflePro heats so rapidly on the “Crisp Exterior/Moist Interior” setting and recovers temperature so quickly in between bake cycles, you will be able to prepare waffles about as fast as they can be eaten. Waffles taste best “hot off the griddle” but you might let them cool on a wire rack for 20 to 30 seconds before serving. This gives them a chance to release some steam and stiffen slightly.