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A Lacy Norwegian Krumkake

A Lacy Norwegian Krumkake

Prep Time

Prep: 10 mins

Cook Time

Cook: 10 mins


Makes about 25 Krumkakes.


1 stick butter (½ cup )

1 cup granulated sugar

3 large eggs

1 cup general purpose flour

2 Tbsp. whipping cream

½ tsp. vanilla extract


1. Melt the butter carefully in a microwave oven or double boiler. Do not overheat.

2. Thoroughly mix the sugar into the butter, stirring well. Using a power hand mixer, blend the eggs into the mixture. Then add the flour slowly while blending to a smooth, consistent batter.

3. In a small bowl, whip the cream fully. Add the whipped cream to the batter and blend completely.

4. Add vanilla extract to suit your taste. If needed, add a small amount of milk while blending until the consistency is just spoonable but not quite pourable. The mixture should drop off a measuring spoon but not pour off. This consistency will ensure a lacy, textured Krumkake, however, you will find the baked Krumkake slightly more difficult to handle without tearing while rolling onto a cone. But it’s worth the effort!

5. If using the KrumKake Express™, start with the Color Control Dial at 2½. One heaping tablespoon of batter will make a 5-6” Krumkake. Lock the lid latch for a thinner and crispier Krumkake. For a thicker Krumkake do not close the latch while baking.

6. Add batter to the plate only when the green “Ready” light is ON. In about 30 seconds, the red “Baking” light will turn ON. When the green light comes ON again, open the lid of the KrumKake Express™ and inspect the Krumkake for color. Adjust the Color Control Dial as necessary to obtain a total bake cycle of 70-80 seconds for a golden brown Krumkake.

7. Cook until golden brown and remove promptly.

8. Roll onto the Cone Form quickly while the Krumkake is still hot.

All other Krumkake makers; bake according to your manufacturer’s instructions.

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