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WaffleCone Recipes For Chef’sChoice WaffleCone Express

WaffleCone Basics

Serving Suggestions for WaffleCones

Once you feel comfortable making cones, try filling the cone with ice cream and serving the cone while still hot. The softening ice cream enhances the flavor of the cone, like a yummy warm cookie a la mode.

Try forming the warm waffles into bowl shapes to be filled with ice cream, frozen yogurt, or fresh berries and whipped cream. While still hot, press the waffle into a 3 or 4-inch muffin tin. Crimp the edges to make the waffle fit into the mold. Or press the hot waffle over the bottom of a small bowl or custard cup. A pair of fluted muffin tins, about 3-4 inch diameter is ideal — simply press the waffle between them. For the holidays, fill these edible bowls with candies, shelled nuts, or fruit salad and a scoop of sorbet.

How about Ice Cream Sunday Turnovers! For a festive end to a relaxed meal with family and friends, fill hot waffles with ice cream then fold while still warm and serve immediately. Here’s how. A few minutes before dessert, set out your favorite ice cream, sherbet, toppings, chocolate chips, and nuts.

Make a waffle. While it is still hot, place the waffle on a plate. Scoop some ice cream and topping on one side of the waffle then fold it in half and seal by pressing the edges firmly together with your fingers. Eat this ice cream Sunday turnover while the waffle is still warm. The warm waffle melts some of the ice cream and is chewy and crunchy at the same time.

Waffle Wafers — Wafflecone batter makes a crisp cookie that keeps for a long time. Bake a wafflecone; slide it onto a plate then cut the wafer in 4 neat triangles while still warm. Cool these wedges on a wire rack then store them. Garnish an ice cream parfait or a dish of pudding with one of these elegant fan shaped cookies.

Cookies and waffle wafers never need go to waste. Less than perfect cones can be cooled then crumbled and used to garnish desserts. Or use crumbled cones in place of graham crackers for pie crusts and cheesecakes.

Baking WaffleCone Tips

Use one of our recommended wafflecone recipes included here or select a family favorite. The mixture should be adjusted with a bit of oil or a pinch more flour so that it is thin enough to spoon easily and run slowly but not freely from a small ladle. One waffle takes a little less than ¼ cup or 4 tablespoons of batter. Find a spoon just this size or use a measuring cup. For best results, do not overfill the waffle iron.

Baking Your First WaffleCone

When the green light is ON, ladle the appropriate amount of batter directly in the center or slightly above the center of the waffle pattern. Promptly close the lid. Press the lid down firmly (press on plastic handle) for several seconds to help spread the batter evenly across the waffle grid.

Lift the lid carefully in 60 seconds to check the color of your first waffle. If it is too light, bake another 15 seconds.

It may take a few tries to find the best setting of the Color Control Knob; it is finely calibrated and sensitive. A small movement of the Color Control Knob makes a noticeable difference in the color of the cone. For best results, adjust the Color control Knob ½ grade higher to darken the cone and ½ grade lower to lighten the cone. When you have the setting just as you like, the green and red lights usually can be used to time your baking cycle.

Here is how the red and green timer lights work. Ladle the batter onto the plate when the green light is ON. In 20-30 seconds it will go off and the red light will come ON. This indicates that the plates are heating. In another 30 seconds, the red light will go off and the green light will go ON a second time. The waffle should then be ready to remove and form. If you find it easier, use a timer and bake your cones for 60 to 75 seconds.

How to Roll the WaffleCone

Rolling the Cone

The cone-form provided with your WaffleCone Express™ helps you make uniformly shaped cones with ease. After a few cones, you will develop the knack of holding the warm cone and shaping it into a neat form perfect for a scoop of your favorite frozen treat.

Follow the illustrated steps the first few times you make cones to perfect your skills.

Follow the illustrated steps the first few times you make cones to perfect your skills. As soon as the waffle is baked, remove it from the WaffleCone Express™. Immediately place it on a dry soft cloth as shown in Figure 1. Position the point of the cone-form about ½ inch from the edge of the waffle with the cone-form resting across the diameter of the waffle.

Use the edge of the cloth to lift one edge of the waffle up onto the cone-form. Using the cloth initially to help support the hot waffle, press the waffle snugly against and partially around the cone-form. Then let the cloth fall back as you roll the cone forward until the waffle completely enwraps the cone-form as illustrated in Figure 2.

Hold the waffle on the cone-form. With the overlapped waffle seam down, press firmly down against the waffle and cone-form to “freeze” the cone into shape (see Figure 3). While the cone is still warm, pinch the bottom to seal it and prevent drops of ice cream from leaking out when the cone is filled. Hold the waffle cone around the form in this way until it is sufficiently cool and stiff enough to hold its shape.

The cloth helps to protect your fingers from the hot waffle. If your fingers are comfortable with the heat, you may find the cloth unnecessary. But don’t forget to pinch the bottom of the cone to prevent leaks!

Set the warm cone aside in a tall iced tea glass or a cone holder until it cools or until you are ready to serve. If you plan to use the cones later, allow them to cool and dry completely before storing in a sealed plastic bag or tightly covered container. Most cones will keep several weeks when packaged this way and stored in a cool, dry place.