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KrumKake Recipes For Chef’sChoice KrumKake Express

Krumkake Serving Suggestions

Remember that the versatile KrumKake Express™ can be used to prepare delicious ice cream cones. The German recipe for the krumkake can be used to make cones substantial enough to hold ice cream. For a festive occasion set out your favorite ice cream, sherbet, toppings, chocolate chips and nuts. Let the family roll their own cones and try filling them while they’re still warm for a softer ice cream treat. Some may want to serve a warm flat krumkake on a plate with ice cream on top. The warm wafer will melt some of the ice cream for a striking blend of flavors.

Also, ice cream cones can be prepared and filled in advance and conveniently stored in the freezer upright on cone-stands, like the Chef’sChoice®-International, Ice Cream Holder Model 838CH.

Krumkake wafers make wonderful crisp cookies that can be used to garnish ice cream parfaits or puddings. Simply cut the wafer into four neat triangles while it is warm. Cool and dry the triangles on a wire rack and store in a sealed container free of moisture.

Rolling the Krumkake

The cone form provided with your KrumKake Express™ helps you make uniformly shaped cones with ease. After a few cones, you will develop the knack of holding the warm cone and shaping it into a neat form perfect for your favorite filling.

Follow the illustrated steps the first few times you make cones to perfect your skills.

As soon as the water is baked, remove it from the Krumkake Express™. Immediately place it on a thin and dry soft cloth as shown in Figure 1. Position the point of the cone form near the circumference of the edge of the krumkake with the cone form resting across the diameter of the krumkake.

As shown in Figure 2, use the edge of the cloth to lift one edge of the krumkake up onto the cone form. Then, using the cloth initially to help support the hot krumkake, press it snugly against and partially around the cone form.

Then, as shown in Figure 3, let the cloth fall back as you roll the cone forward until the krumkake completely enwraps the cone form.
Hold the krumkake on the cone form. With the overlapped seam of the krumkake down under the cone, press firmly down against the waffle and cone form to “freeze” the cone into shape. Hold the cone around the form in this way until it is sufficiently cool and stiff enough to hold its shape.
The cloth helps to protect your fingers from the hot waffle. If your fingers are comfortable with the heat, you may find the cloth unnecessary.

Set the warm cone aside in a cone holder or on its side until it cools or until you are ready to serve. If you plan to use the cones later, allow them to cool and dry completely before storing in a sealed plastic bag or tighly covered container. Most cones will keep several weeks when packaged in this way and stored in a cool dry place.