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PetiteCone Recipes For Chef’sChoice PetiteCone Express

PetiteCone Recipes


PetiteCone Basics

We have created some easy recipes to get you started. The simplest way to make your batters is to follow the same basic waffle batter recipe and then add your own special touches. You can use any waffle mix for your recipes, including Bisquick.

It only takes a small amount of batter to fill each of the three cone plates. A small plastic spoon for measuring your batter is included with your PetiteCone Express cone maker. A baby spoon or demitasse spoon will also work well.

When the cones are baked (according to the instructions for your PetiteCone Express™), one at a time remove them from the grid and roll into cone shapes. Work quickly to roll the cones before they cool.

The trick to making these petite cones is not to overfill the plates. Remember, thin, pliable, hot waffles will produce light and crispy cones. Too much batter will make a thick, soggy product that does not roll well or harden properly.

Your batter should be thin enough to flow off the spoon and onto the hot waffle plates. You can adjust the consistency through the amount of liquid you use. It is best to make your batter in a large bowl, using a sturdy whisk to break up any lumps. As long as you follow the basic recipe, you can enhance it by substituting liquids or by adding spices and flavorings to create all sorts of sumptuous savory and sweet cones.

Rolling the Cone

The cone form provided with your PetiteCone Express™ helps you make uniformly shaped cones with ease. After a few cones, you will develop the knack of holding the warm cone and shaping it into a neat form perfect for your favorite filling.

Follow the illustrated steps the first few times you make cones to perfect your skills.

As soon as the wafer is baked, remove it from the PetiteCone Express™. Immediately place it on a thin and dry soft cloth as shown in Figure 1. Position the point of the cone form near the circumference of the edge of the PetiteCone with the cone form resting across the diameter of the PetiteCone.

As shown in Figure 2, use the edge of the cloth to lift one edge of the PetiteCone up onto the cone form. Then, using the cloth initially to help support the hot PetiteCone, press it snugly against and partially around the cone form. Work quickly if you can, allowing each cone to stay hot on the grid plates until you are ready to roll it.

Then, as shown in Figure 3, let the cloth fall back as you roll the cone forward until the PetiteCone completely enwraps the cone form.
Hold the PetiteCone on the cone form. With the overlapped seam of the PetiteCone down under the cone, press firmly down against the waffle and cone form to “freeze” the cone into shape. Hold the cone around the form in this way until it is sufficiently cool and stiff enough to hold its shape.

The cloth helps to protect your fingers from the hot waffle. If your fingers are comfortable with the heat, you may find the cloth unnecessary.

Set the warm cone aside in a cone holder or on its side until it cools or until you are ready to serve. If you plan to use the cones later, allow them to cool and dry completely before storing in a sealed plastic bag or tighly covered container. Most cones will keep several weeks when packaged in this way and stored in a cool dry place.